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Our Philosophy

Massage Therapist in Marietta, GA

Therapeutic Massage Centre was born out of a desire to help people with pain and stress reduction. When Ted was in high school, his teacher often had everyone give each other shoulder massages to break the tension. Ted’s massages were deemed the best, and thus a future massage therapist was born.

Over the years, Ted’s high school dream of becoming an actor gave way to the desire to become a massage therapist. After seeing a bumper sticker that said “support ethical massage”, Ted took a chance and enrolled in a 3 hour massage course at Atlanta School of Massage, and enjoyed it so much that he decided to pursue more education. Ted worked as a massage therapist while getting his education, and graduated in February 1987.

In 1991, Ted bought the company Therapeutic Massage Centre and embarked on a journey that would lead him through teaching massage classes, coaching interns, running a large massage practice, and eventually leading him to the cozy massage clinic he runs today. Ted’s desire has always been to help people, and because of Therapeutic Massage Centre, he is doing that.

At Therapeutic Massage Centre, we hope that you will feel very comfortable and relaxed. Specializing in sports injury and stress reduction, Ted utilizes many different techniques and can tailor the massage session to meet your needs. It is our desire to see you healthy, happy, and relaxed!


Ted Schulte, N.M.T., L.M.T.

Theodore “Ted” Schulte is the senior massage therapist at Therapeutic Massage Centre. He completed his original courses in massage therapy in 1987, and continues to seek ongoing education every year. He will be the one assisting you on your way to relaxation! ​ ​GA Liscense #: MT000523


Therapeutic Massage Centre is the best place in North-West Metro Atlanta to get a comprehensive and skilled massage therapy session.


Whether you’re seeking pain relief or relaxation, your service begins with a personal consultation with your massage therapist.


Improve Your Flexibility and Muscle Condition with Professional Massage Therapy. Relax and De-Compress by getting a therapeutic massage with our Professional Therapist.


Enjoy the Delicate Care

Our skilled therapists utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to work out the toughest knots and soothe the sorest muscles, all from the comfort of our own Massage Clinic in Marietta GA. 

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